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The tools Teachers need so they can focus on teaching, and Students need to never miss a beat.
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Welcome to BetaCabinet!

BetaCabinet is an advanced Learning Management System that is intuitive, flexible, and powerful.

Developed by a classroom teacher while actively teaching, BetaCabinet was designed to make routine teaching tasks as painless as possible, allowing teachers to focus their work time on what matters: students and teaching!

Consequently, BetaCabinet either automates or greatly facilitates common tasks through its many features.

BetaCabinet also provides students with a clear yet information rich view of their daily work and progress in the class, with easy access to grades, a "What If?" grade calculator, and easy communication with teachers about individual assignments.

While there are a number of learning management systems available to teachers, BetaCabinet sets a new standard of control and flexibility that can help teachers take their classrooms to the next level. Because it was developed by a teacher, it works with teachers they way that teachers work.

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Easily manage user access and priveleges

Upload and manage calendars for your school.

Create and manage grading periods and classes.

Manage student accommodations.

Create bell schedules integrated with the calendar and classes.


Organize Your Classes


Use our powerful calendar to plan and organize your classes.

Create Units and custom Tabs for automatic assignment organization.

Create Blueprints for your different types of assignments.

Select and customize option-rich grading schemes.

Create Assignments


Select from your custom blueprints to create new assignments.

Re-use your previous lessons by dropping your files onto the calendar.

Choose from many different types of assignments: Upload Pictures, Submit Links, Type in Custom Forms, Discussion Boards, Online Lessons, Online Quizzes.



Assignments are automatically organized for the current unit and grading period.

Customize the settings for each assignment.

Assignment dates automatically adjust for school holidays, for sections of a class that meet on offset days, and for student accommodations

Drag and drop assignment dates on our calendar.

Grade and Communicate


Grade assignments using our powerful tools.

Many assignments automatically graded, including disucssion board posts.

Leave notes for individual students about each assignment, or about their work in general.

Send emails and messages to students, parents, counselors, support staff and administrators using our powerful tools.



Current grade, assignments due, and number of missings on every page.

Due dates for all your classes in one place.

Add personal items to your calendar.

Class calendar shows what's happening each day.

What if Grade Calculator shows how your grade could change.

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